Oil Analysis III Training

Expertise to design a holistic analysis program

Oil Analysis III (OA III) is designed to give managers and reliability professionals the right knowledge to develop and implement a strong oil analysis program. Students will explore the most advanced levels of diagnostics and predictive maintenance and learn the metrics for program implementation and evaluation. This course also comes with supplemental training materials.

OA III Course Overview

  • Course Duration: 32 hours (over 4 days)
  • Associated ICML Certifications: MLA III
  • Pre-Requisites: OA II (Who should attend?)
  • Study Pack: Not yet available


Per student*

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Oil Analysis III

What you’ll learn

  • Machine Wear
  • Vibration and Oil Analysis
  • Fluid Properties and Additive Depletion
  • Contamination
  • Analysis Technology
  • Oil Analysis Program Design

Included with each course

One year of Noria Academy access

You’ll get the OA III Study Pack including digital flash cards (plus Wear Debris flash cards), and other supplemental materials. Access via our Noria Academy app or online at academy.noria.com.

Digital Student Handbook (Coming Soon)

Key takeaways from the course manual for deeper insights and knowledge retention, coming soon for Oil Analysis III.

Course Manual

Students who attend In-Person training or Live Online training in the United States will receive a printed copy of the course manual.

Recording of the Course

If you purchased a Live Online training, you will receive a course recording, accessible on-demand for up to 30 days through our online Learning Management System.

Getting Your MLA III Certification

Training with Noria can help you prepare for your certification exam, but all students who want to get certified need to apply in advance with the International Council for Machinery Lubrication (ICML) to take the exam. The ICML offers certification exams online and at all public Noria training events.

Our OA III course is aligned with the body of knowledge of the ICML’s MLA III certification.

Learn from expert instructors

Gain valuable knowledge from these industry experts
The Oil Analysis III course is most beneficial for maintenance, reliability and operations professionals who are directly responsible for lubrication tasks. Planners, supervisors and managers and others can also gain valuable insights into lubrication program gaps, cost-saving opportunities and data-driven decision-making from this course.

Job Title or Role

Top Benefit

Lube Tech (Lubrication Technician) Learn best practices for daily tasks
Inspector Uncover more actionable insights
PdM Technician, Reliability Engineer, Maintenance Engineer Improve data-driven decision-making
Reliability Manager, Maintenance Manager Identify program gaps and opportunities

Course content

Noria’s most advanced analysis course, Oil Analysis III (OA III), teaches you high-level diagnostic, analysis and program design techniques. OA III is aligned with the body of knowledge of the International Council for Machinery Lubrication’s MLA III certification.
Day 1
Time Section
Morning Introduction and Set Up
Lubrication Fundamentals and Regimes
Base Oil Fundamentals
Lunch Break
Afternoon Understanding and Analyzing Machine Wear
Review and Set Up
Understanding and Analyzing Machine Wear
Fluid Properties Analysis
Day 2
Time Section
Morning Review and Set Up
Additive Depletion
Contamination and Filtration Review
Lunch Break
Afternoon Contamination Analysis
Soot and Fuel Contamination
Corrosion Control, Water Affinity, Demulsibility and Hydrolysis
Onsite Oil Analysis Options
Day 3
Time Section
Morning Review and Set Up
Onsite Oil Analysis Options
Designing an Oil Analysis Program
Lunch Break
Afternoon Designing an Oil Analysis Program
Wear Rates and Data
Optimum Reference State and Machine Criticality
Cost Benefits Analysis
Case Studies Workshop

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Frequently asked questions

What is check-in time for in-person training?

We ask that students check in on the first day of training (Tuesday) from 7:30 – 8:00 a.m.

How long does a day of training last?

A day of training typically begins at 8:00 a.m. and continues until 4:00 p.m. with an hour break for lunch.

Are food and beverages provided at in-person training events?

Complimentary fresh-brewed coffee will be available throughout the day, but students are responsible for their own food and drinks otherwise.

Is audio or video recording allowed during training?

No, please do not record audio or video of training course content.

Is parking included with registration for in-person training events?

No, parking fees are not included.

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