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Task-Based Training

Best practices training for key tasks in 15 minutes or less

Each training is crafted by Noria experts to deliver clear instructions for best practices along with field demonstrations. Get 90 days of access to Task-Based Training designed to help onboard new operators or align your teams to expert-backed best practices.

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Task-Based Training

Task-Based Training is valuable knowledge delivered in a quick, bite-size format—ideal for onboarding new technicians, inspectors, and operators or aligning an entire team to updated practices and procedures.

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Operator, Lube Tech (Lubrication Technician), Inspector, PdM Technician, Reliability Engineer, Maintenance Engineer, Reliability Manager, Maintenance Manager Learn best practices for daily tasks

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Frequently asked questions

How do I access trainings after purchase?

Using our online learning portal at learn.noria.com, you will be able to access any Task-Based Trainings you have purchased for 90 days (or longer if you purchased a custom enterprise package)

What does the training cover?

Each training gives the context surrounding the focus task—covering its importance in an overall maintenance or reliability program—as well as specific step-by-step instructions that are aligned with industry best-practices. Each training also shows detailed onscreen examples of operators or technicians completing the task and explains how to perform each step.