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Lubricant Storage & Handling Design

Store Cleaner, Run Longer

Storage and Handling Design
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Is your lube room helping or hurting reliability?

Updating your lubrication storage area (or “lube room”) is a cost-effective way to help your lubricants perform better and last longer. If your lubricants are not protected in storage, they will not perform well in your machines.

Lubricants that live in a dirty environment with frequent changes in temperature and moisture will become contaminated and degrade much faster, increasing wear and leading to expensive equipment failures—not to mention more frequent oil changes.

How We Can Help

  • Update lube storage equipment

  • Optimize room layout or location

And other improvements

How It Works

Lubricant Storage and Handling Design simplifies the process of upgrading your lube room and getting the right tools to transfer lubricants from storage to machines.

  1. Information Discovery

    A Noria expert talks with you, gathering insights into your unique lubricant storage needs, goals and challenges.

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    • List of all oils and greases to be used in the plant
    • Total volumes required of each lubricant in the plant
    • Current usage of each lubricant
    • Current space available for lube room
    • Response time for each lubricant from supplier
  2. Calculate & Design

    Noria experts use the data gathered to optimize your lubricant storage and handling system, ensuring that recommendations align with your goals and budget.

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    • Calculate lubricant volume that is needed onsite
    • Appropriately size storage tanks or cabinets
    • Evaluate lubricant handling and transport procedures
    • Design plan for optimizing storage and handling equipment
  3. Deliver a Plan

    Your Noria expert builds a clear plan to optimize how your lubricants are stored and transferred while maximizing your return on investment.

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    • Detailed lube room maintenance and best practices procedures
    • Optimized layout for more efficient storage and retrieval
    • Recommendations on the right test slates for new oils
  4. Get It Done

    Noria connects you with supplier options and supports you through the entire process of purchasing, install and beyond.

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    • Quote for storage and transfer equipment not already onsite

Our Experience

It takes knowledge and experience to create a world-class lubrication storage area quickly and efficiently.

Noria experts have helped thousands of plants across the globe upgrade their lube rooms and lubrication practices. We can help you gain confidence in your purchasing decisions and make a plan for “quick wins” and long-term success.

Hardware creates culture change at Argos Newberry

The Argos Cement Plant in Newberry, Florida, had a directive from their corporate team to improve lubrication procedures and hardware but needed help getting started.

After receiving Noria training and an Ascend Assessment, the plant was able to work with the Noria team to identify better lubricant handling options, more effective greasing techniques and opportunities for better contaminant exclusion and removal.

Their success has encouraged the Argos team to implement similar improvements in their other plants as well.