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Mecoil Diagnosi Meccaniche Srl is a private, independent company committed to conditions’ monitoring & predictive maintenance support.

Since its foundation in 1989, Mecoil has focused its efforts on providing customers with a reliable, cost-effective service for decision-making in maintenance and assets’ management field. Our service is specially suited to meet customers’ managing needs, wherever should rise a request for higher safety, higher quality, higher cost-effectiveness in industrial production processes, services and transportation.

Mecoil is the only Italian company owning a Quality Management System ISO 9001 certification specifically on oil analysis intended for maintenance and diagnostics. Our laboratory is the only Italian lab to participate to the international ASTM In-Service Oil Monitoring Interlaboratory Crosscheck Program, ranking within the first 15 over 70 participants for test results quality (July 2006 round).

According with European standards for Quality Management Systems, Mecoil is holder of the ISO 9001 certificate since 1997 and is the only Italian laboratory (also one of the few European companies) to successfully participate in the interlaboratory circuits organized by ASTM International and by IIS Institute for Interlaboratory Studies.

Mecoil has the capacity to offer tailored solutions for every problem regarding failure prevention, e.g. hydraulic systems monitoring and vehicle fleet management. Our high technical competence and long experience in industrial field, plus an integrated approach with multiple diagnostic techniques (Oil and Thermographic analyses) – through our cloud based dedicated LIMS Permantenere – can lead to a precise, predictive determination of failure modes. We are currently serving many utilities in power generation, combined-cycle plants, cement mills, sugar refineries, chemical and petrochemical plants, where high assets’ value combines with high production loss costs.

Training & education (thanks to Noria & ICML steady partnership) are the foundations of any serious and affordable conditions’ monitoring program, based on lubrication and engineering topics; training classes have been – since long – fully developed internally and carried out also at customers’ facilities. Our interaction with customer’s technical personnel can give the right diagnostic approach in order to detect failures’ root causes and trends.

We are currently processing more than 15.000 samples per year in “all included” service system, with a wide range of diagnostic tools, based upon several tribological tests; since 1990 we have been recognized as appointed distributor for Spectro Scientific instruments, since then we have been able to offer in addition to standard ASTM D6595 emission Spectroscopy, Ferrography and Lasernet techniques, in order to detect early stages of wear. This approach is the only one recommended to “pick up” the root failure causes!

Mecoil Diagnosi Meccaniche Srl
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