Lubricant Selection Optimization

Select the correct lubricant for your challenging applications

Lubricant Selection Optimization

Some applications require more care or diligence to make sure the proper lubricant is selected.

This may require a different base oil, additives, viscosity, or blend of multiple parameters. With specialized equipment and unique stresses, matching the correct lubricant can be difficult. This is where Noria can make it much easier for you.

Our experience

Noria has led successful lubricant selection services in many industries and specialized applications. This is a selection of a few top areas where we have helped clients find the right solution.

Lubricant selection optimization industries we’ve served

  • Power generation

  • Mining

  • Natural gas

  • Refining

  • Petro chemical

  • Pharmaceutical

Lubricant selection optimization special applications

  • Turbines

  • Compressors

  • Mobile equipment

  • Sterile environments

Our lubricant selection process

Noria lubricant selection projects follow a sequence of steps. We first seek to understand the application and maintenance history. From there a detailed dive into lubricants and machine stresses helps us come up with the optimum lubricant to use in your application.

  1. Review

    Review current lubricant and machine history

  2. Create

    Create fluid specification

  3. Find

    Find candidate lubricants

  4. Test

    Test candidates

  5. Deliver

    Deliver results and recommendations

Frequently asked questions

Won’t the OEM recommended lubricant be the best choice?

Many times, the application may involve stresses or conditions that are outside what the OEM is aware of. This requires an adjustment of the lubricant to handle these conditions.

Should we just use a synthetic lubricant and consider it good?

Synthetics offer many benefits to the equipment but may not be necessary. With our services we can balance the cost of a lubricant with its performance properties to select a lubricant that protects the machine and is cost-effective.

I don’t want to add lubricants to my inventory, do I already stock something that will work?

At Noria we believe that consolidation is important in any lubrication program. During this service, we will review the lubricants currently on-hand to determine if a solution exists in the current inventory before adding another product.