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General Consulting

Get help solving lubrication challenges

General Consulting

Get customized solutions

Some lubrication challenges do not have a “one-size-fits-all” solution and require a more customized approach to solve. Our consultants aim to identify the root cause of bearing failure, wear, contamination and more, rather than providing a “band-aid” solution or quick fix. Once a root cause is determined, we help you develop a comprehensive plan to resolve the issue and maintain system continuity.

Update Your Lube Program

If you need advice on lubricant compatibility as you change from one lube supplier to another, finding the remaining useful life of a lubricant, setting up an oil analysis lab or program, or anything else related to lubrication, Noria is here to help.

We can also support you with these common needs:

  • Corporate Lubrication Standards Manual
  • OEM Design
  • Centralized lube systems
  • Oil analysis report interpretation
  • Wear particle identification