Asset Management for Lubricated Equipment

Lower ownership costs & increase value

Asset Management for Lubricated Equipment

Noria provides resources and solutions

Noria provides resources and solutions to target the lubrication requirements of your physical asset management system. Starting with an assessment of the lubrication activities and task-based skills, followed by an engineered approach to lubrication optimization and overall program management.

What is Lubricated Asset Management?

Physical asset management is a complex topic, and for machine assets, lubrication plays a critical role in keeping operational costs down without sacrificing efficiency.

Why should Asset Owners care about Asset Management? What are the benefits and outcomes?

Focusing on improving lubrication and contamination control not only addresses the number one reason why machines fail, but directly impacts asset performance, improves asset value, minimizes risk, creates organizational alignments, helps control costs and improves business culture and brand image.

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How It Works

Noria experts work with you to assess your needs and establish a plan to implement an entire lubrication program with key performance indicators (KPIs) mapped to the business goals and physical asset management requirements—all aligned to ICML 55.1 and ISO 55000.

  1. Improve and optimize asset data and asset image database

  2. Increase job task competencies through skills training

  3. Implement programmatic structures for the entire lubrication life cycle

  4. Develop corporate lubrication standards

  5. Minimize unexpected failures and increase equipment life

  6. Increase overall plant safety