Best Practices in Maintenance & Reliability

CMRP certification preparation course

Join John Ross in the Noria virtual classroom for an online training experience designed to help maintenance and reliability professionals take their careers to the next level. This course prepares students to take the CMRP certification exam, and is full of practical, real-world knowledge that any maintenance or reliability professional can use in the plant today. Whether you’re preparing for a new job, sharpening up your knowledge for the test, or just looking to gain valuable insights into maintenance and reliability, this course is for you.

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BPMR Course Overview

  • Course Duration: 14 hours
  • Associated Certification: CMRP
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Study Pack: Coming Soon
  • Course Flyer: Download (PDF)


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Best Practices in Maintenance and Reliability

What you’ll learn

  • Business and Management
  • Equipment Reliability
  • Manufacturing Process Reliability
  • Organization and Leadership
  • Work Management

Reviews from students

“This is not only a training, but an incredible reference guide to relight the passion and keep you on track to real change at your pace.”

Getting Your CMRP Certification

SMRP CMRP Certification

Certification testing must be booked through SMRP on their website.

There are no educational or experiential pre-requisites to sit for the test, but candidates must:

  • Complete and submit the CMRP application
  • Pay applicable fees in advance
  • Have not sat for the exam within the past six (6) months
  • To learn more about testing pricing, details, and study resources visit

Meet Your Instructor

dr john ross

Dr. John Ross has been a practitioner of maintenance and reliability for over three decades. A former Captain in the United States Air Force, he has been recognized as a distinguished public speaker, technical writer, and presenter. Dr. Ross is a certified Lean Manufacturing facilitator, Process Safety Management SME, and a CMRP. Dr. John is President of Maintenance Innovators Inc., helping plants around the world succeed in the arena of equipment reliability process development.