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Lubrication Route Management

Efficiency in lubrication

Lubrication Route Management

Discover new efficiencies to minimize lubrication work while improving equipment reliability.

Noria experts will help you build an optimized plan for your planning, scheduling and even managing your lubrication tasks.

Whether you use spreadsheets, your CMMS, or just the knowledge in your head, Noria can help you create valuable documentation for lube routes that can be executed consistently over time. Machinery availability, frequency, location, and other factors can all stand in the way of optimizing your own program, but Noria experts have the knowledge to help you get it done.

Our experience

Noria has led successful route management services in many industries and specialized applications. This is a selection of a few top areas where we have helped clients find the right solution.

Industries we’ve served for lubrication route management

  • Pulp and paper

  • Food and beverage

  • Petro chemical

  • Building materials

Special applications for lubrication route management

  • Rotating equipment

  • Manufacturing lines

  • Hydraulics

  • Conveyors

Our route management process

Noria Route Management projects follow a sequence of steps. This ensures that we cover the plant equipment and also allows for optimization of movement and task assignment.

  1. Review

    Walk down equipment

  2. Determine

    Determine frequency of tasks

  3. Create

    Create routes

  4. Optimize

    Optimize routes

  5. Train

    Train team on route completion

Frequently asked questions

Why do we need lubrication routes?

When lubrication is left to memory or isn’t documented, this allows for inconsistency of task and lack of accountability that it is completed.

We have a spreadsheet for lubrication, is this good enough?

Spreadsheets and notebooks are common but are difficult to maintain and are seldom updated. Utilizing our solution (LubePM) makes this easy with instant updates.

Is this just another checklist?

We have multiple options but most elect to utilize our handheld app and online platform to collect inspection results and recording the execution of tasks in a simple-to-use digital format.