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Machinery Lubrication Engineer Training

Lubrication strategy for reliability and maintenance leaders

Learn to take a holistic approach toward developing, implementing and managing a world-class lubrication program with the Machinery Lubrication Engineer (MLE) ® course. This course will equip you to overcome strategic challenges and provide effective lubrication engineering leadership in a typical industrial plant, mill or site.

MLE Course Overview

  • Course Duration: 30 Hours (over four class days)
  • Associated Certifications: MLE
  • Prerequisites: None (Who should attend?)
  • Study Pack: Included with course purchase via the Noria Academy app. Available separately on the Noria Store
  • Course Flyer: Download (PDF)


Per student*

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Machinery Lubrication Engineer

What you’ll learn

  • Manage a successful lubrication team, including technicians and analysts
  • Optimize your plant’s selection and maintenance of lubricants
  • Plan lubrication Preventative Maintenance (PM) tasks and work orders
  • Analyze lubrication-related failures through FMEA, RCFA and other approaches
  • Evaluate capital expenditures using economic analysis methods
  • Maintain lubricated machine assets in the context of ICML 55.01 and ISO 55001
  • And many other key topics for lubrication leaders

Included with each course

One-year of Noria Academy access

You’ll get the ML I Study Pack including digital flash cards, a comprehensive practice exam to help you prepare for your certification exam, and over 5 hours of supplemental videos to help you build critical job skills. Access via our Noria Academy app or online at academy.noria.com.

Course Manual

Students who attend In-Person training or Live Online training in the United States will receive a printed copy of the course manual.

Recording of the course

If you purchased Live Online training, you can also opt to receive a recording of your course during registration for an additional fee. This recording will be accessible on-demand through our online Learning Management System for 90 days following completion of the course.

Getting Your MLE Certification

Training with Noria can help you prepare for your certification exam, but all students who want to get certified need to apply in advance with the International Council for Machinery Lubrication (ICML) to take the exam. The ICML offers certification exams online and at all public Noria training events.

Our MLE course is aligned with the body of knowledge of the ICML’s MLE certification.

noria guarantee

Noria Certification Guarantee

When you complete a Noria certification course, we guarantee you will pass the associated ICML exam — or get free resources and ongoing support from Noria experts until you do.

Learn from expert instructors

Gain valuable knowledge from these industry experts

This course is designed for those who have already acquired foundational lubrication knowledge through prior lubrication training, ICML certifications, or 5 to 10 years of field experience. While there are no mandatory pre-requisites for this course, those who have a working knowledge of lubrication concepts along with a few years of field experience will be more comfortable with the material.

Job Title or Role

Top Benefit

Inspector Improve inspection quality and routing strategy
PdM Technician Make better PdM decisions related to lubrication
Reliability Engineer, Maintenance Engineer, Reliability Manager, Maintenance Manager Learn to lead a lubrication program that drives reliability
Plant Manager Learn how lubrication strategy can drive business value

Course content

The MLE course contains 30 hours of material taught over four days. It is fully aligned with the body of knowledge of the International Council for Machinery Lubrication’s MLE certification. A sample schedule has been provided below.

Day 1
Time Section
Morning Introduction
Asset Management & Standards
Financial Analysis
Life Cycle & Cost of Ownership
Optimum Reference State
Maintenance Philosophies
Lunch Break
Afternoon Lean & Total Productive Maintenance
Procedure-based Maintenance
Planning & Scheduling
RCM, FMEA & Pareto
Day 2
Time Section
Morning Weibull Analysis
Risk & Criticality Assessment
Root Cause Analysis
Lubrication Fundamentals
Lubricant Formulation & Synthetics
Lubricant Selection & Consolidation
Lunch Break
Afternoon Lubricant Supplier Selection & New Lubricant Quality
Lubricant Selection by Machine Type
Lubricant Standards & Compatibility
Day 3
Time Section
Morning Energy Conservation & The Environment
Automatic Lubrication & Lubricant Delivery Methods
Lubrication PMs, Oil Changes & Common Tasks
Lube Room, Handling & Storage
Lunch Break
Afternoon Lubricant Storage Life
Contaminant Exclusion
Varnish, Reclamation & Reconditioning
Leakage, Wase & Used Lubricant Management
Day 4
Time Section
Morning Metrics
Lubricant Analysis
Inspection 2.0
Lunch Break
Afternoon Maintenance Culture
People, Skills & Training
Health & Safety
Continuous Improvement & Change Management

Reviews from students

“The information from this course could save my company as much as $20,000 in monthly oil costs.”

“Until I attended this training, I had no idea how poor our best practices were. Improvements will be easy. Justifications will be easy. Recouping the cost of this class will take about a week!”

“This training set a good foundation of knowledge to make a measurable difference in our lubrication program.”

Increase your confidence for the exam

The Noria Academy app is the best way to prepare for your ICML certification exam. Use our digital flashcards, comprehensive practice exam and supplemental material to increase your confidence level with course material.

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Frequently asked questions

What is check-in time for in-person training?

We ask that students check in on the first day of training (Tuesday) from 7:30 – 8:00 a.m. (based on local time at event)

How long does a day of training last?

A day of training typically begins at 8:00 a.m. and continues until 4:00 p.m. with an hour break for lunch.

Are food and beverages provided at in-person training events?

Complimentary fresh-brewed coffee will be available throughout the day, but students are responsible for their own food and drinks otherwise.

Is audio or video recording allowed during training?

No, please do not record audio or video of training course content.

Is parking included with registration for in-person training events?

No, parking fees are not included.