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Noria stands behind every training and service we offer to the global industry community. Learn more about our certification guarantee and what it means for Noria students.


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Frequently asked questions

Does this mean Noria guarantees I’ll pass my certification test on the first try?

No, because the ICML is an independent certifying body, you must pass the certification test to their standards to become certified. Noria cannot control the results of your test, but when you train with Noria, you can rest assured that we will provide you with resources, study tools, and even online tutoring via webcast if you don’t pass your ICML certification test. See below for details.*

What study tools does Noria offer?

Included with your registration to any Noria certification course is one year of access to Noria Academy, which includes practice tests, flashcards, and more to help you prepare for exam day. We also produce a variety of videos, articles, calculators, and more free resources to help you succeed in the lubrication field today.

Can I access Noria Academy without a smartphone?

Yes, Noria Academy is available both as a mobile app and a web application. Contact our education team here to learn more.

*Students who do not pass on their first attempt will receive additional training and support from Noria in the form of one or more of the following: (1) Access to recorded training materials or study materials for up to one year. (2) Complimentary pass to a live online or in-person Noria training course of the same or similar value. (3) A live tutoring webcast with a Noria instructor who will provide additional training support and/or resources. Must hold any necessary pre-requisite certifications, complete entire Noria Certification Training Course, and log study activity in Noria Academy associated with your ICML exam to qualify for additional support and resources. Must request additional support and resources within 6 months of completing your Noria training.