Dr. Lantos Laboratory

Diagnosis and solution

About Dr. Lantos Laboratory

Dr. Lantos has pioneered tribology in South America since 1960.

As an independent body, Laboratorio Dr. Lantos specializes in the implementation of proactive maintenance through oil & grease analysis, fuel analysis and tribology education.

Laboratorio Dr. Lantos has been a Noria Licensed Partner since December of 1999.

Turbines, transformers, compressors, Diesel and Otto engines, gear, hydraulic systems are assessed. Abnormal wear, lubrication problems, faulty combustion and electrical failure can be detected at an early stage, even before rendered service loses efficiency. Hence tendencies can be deviated at minimal cost and risk.

Education activities are lead at public or in-house venues and instructed in Spanish.

Laboratorio Dr. Lantos Echeverria 3584
1430 Buenos Aires
+54.11.4551.2121 — Phone
+54.11.4551.2121 — Fax

Our instructors

  • Gabriel Lucchiari: He is the Technical Director of the Laboratory, Senior Consultant and Noria Instructor. Graduated in Chemistry (UBA). He has more than 30 years in the lubricants and petroleum products industry. Quality and environment auditor ISO 9000 / 14000 (IRAM). Member of the Argentine Association of Tribology.
    Certifications: MLT I, MLA I, MLT II, MLA II, MLA III
  • Andrés Lantos: He is the vice president of the Laboratory. He has extensive experience as an analyst and interpreter. He is in charge of developing R&D projects and implementing new analytical technologies. He has a degree in chemistry (UBA), Doctor in Biotechnology and Molecular Biology (UNSAM).
    Certifications: MLT I, MLA II, MLA III, LLA II
  • Italo M. Lui: National reference in lubrication and predictive analysis of equipment. He has developed and managed lubricant analysis laboratories. He teaches courses in Argentina and Latin America. He is a member and active collaborator of the Argentine Association of Tribology.
    Certifications: MLT I, MLA I, MLT II, MLA II, MLA III.
  • Esteban Lantos: He is the president of the Laboratorio Dr. Lantos. Certified in ICML and STLE oil monitoring, he has a diploma in quality management from DGQ. He is a founding member of the Argentine Association of Tribology. He is a chemical engineer, has a Master’s degree in industrial quality and is a former Chemical Expert for the Supreme Court of Justice.
    ICML Certifications: LLA II, MLA III, MLT II, MLE

Countries we serve

  • Argentina
  • Uruguay

Languages supported

  • Spanish

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