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LPD Phase III: Update your machine assets with the right products and equipment.

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After the Ascend Assessment and Engineering Design phases, you will have the data needed to update your machine assets with the right products and equipment. But purchasing the right products from quality suppliers can be a major project of its own.

To streamline and simplify this process, we can identify specifications for products like sight glasses, breathers and other lubrication-related hardware.

At the same time, new procedures, management practices and KPIs are integrated into daily lubrication activities.

All this data is accessible to you in LubePM, where changes can be managed and implemented with dynamic updates to procedures and inspections, keeping your program on track as it evolves.

Product Selection with RelaWorks

Purchasing the right products from quality suppliers can be a major project of its own. We offer simplified purchasing options through our RelaWorks e-commerce platform.

Lubrication Program Development Implementation

  • Avoid Time-Consuming Purchasing Tasks

    Saves time and costs relating to supplier registration, ordering, logistics, tracking, invoicing and management that can be a roadblock in program implementation.

  • Leverage Noria’s Supplier Relationships

    We can offer volume-buying power, arrange evaluation samples and potentially provide discounts from list prices.

  • Ongoing Support from a Procurement Specialist

    We help you manage ordering, logistics and delivery, as well as implementation support with our technical team.

  • LubePM Approvals

    Up-to-date parts lists are generated from the approvals within LubePM as well as certain storage and handling products derived from the engineering data.

Lubrication Program Partnerships

For further ongoing support, you can request a dedicated Noria Program Manager who will deliver monthly Key Performance Indicator reports and make periodic onsite supervision and coaching visits. Noria educational tools, knowledge warehouse and technical experts are available to your technician at all times.

Frequently asked questions

Why is Implementation Phase III?

The Implementation phase of Lubrication Program Development (LPD) is the third phase of the process because it uses all of the program and engineering data collected in the first two phases to implement changes to your lube program that are designed to help you reach your reliability and maintenance goals.