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The Truth About Varnish

Varnish is a common problem in machines that operate at high temperatures. It occurs when oil cooks to the surface of machinery components. In this... Read more

Document Your Lube Routes

Documenting routine tasks such as regreasing bearings or changing the oil in gearboxes is an essential part of an effective lubrication program, but very few... Read more

Selecting High Speed Grease

High-speed applications like fans, blowers and pillow-block bearings often use the wrong lubricant, especially when they involve greased components. These high-speed applications also tend to... Read more

How to Control Oil Aeration

When oil aeration occurs, air bubbles can become suspended throughout a hydraulic or circulating system, darkening the oil or making it appear cloudy. Air entrainment... Read more

Understanding Break-in Wear

New machinery is sometimes subjected to a break-in process. While there is considerable debate about if and how this should be done, one important consideration... Read more