Podcast: Onboarding and Technical Skills featuring Jerry Putt

Jun 25, 2024

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Modified: 06/25/24

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Wes Cash welcomes industry veteran Jerry Putt to Gear Talk for an in-depth discussion on the evolution of technical skills and onboarding in today’s industrial landscape. With 39 years at Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company and 13 years at Noria, Jerry brings a wealth of knowledge and experience. Discover how companies can better prepare their workforce and the potential for a renaissance in trade education.

Join Wes and Jerry as they cover:

  • Jerry’s global experiences and the variety of talent in different regions.
  • The transition from traditional apprenticeship programs to modern training methods.
  • The impact of AI and technology on maintenance and reliability.
  • Challenges faced by trade industries due to a retiring workforce and the need for more skilled labor.
  • The importance of balancing technology with hands-on skills and institutional knowledge.
  • A special shoutout to Mike Rowe!

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