Precision Maintenance Skills 1 Training

Learn how to double or triple rotating equipment life

Learn how to easily double or triple rotating equipment life by making vibration much lower through the elimination of common assembly errors and adherence to rigid precision installation, rebuild, and maintenance standards which we will show you how to achieve with little or no extra downtime.

Participants will dis-assemble, re-assemble, correct defects, perform precision alignment for both in-line coupled & v-belt driven machines, and measure the noticeable improvements as common field & shop assembly errors are eliminated from our running and static simulators.

Course Availability

  • On-Site

    At your facility

Training Overview

  • Course Duration: 40 hours (4-5 days)
  • Associated Certifications: CMRP
  • Prerequisites: None


Per seat

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Precision Maintenance

Recommended Audience

  • Maintenance and construction craftsmen
  • Apprentices
  • Front-line supervisors
  • Project and reliability engineers
  • Maintenance managers and superintendents
  • Operations personnel
  • And more

Course Objectives

  • Understand what Precision Maintenance is and how to achieve without extra downtime
  • How to identify and avoid common assembly errors
  • Understand and correct common fit and tolerance problems
  • Learn basic bearing installation problems and corrections
  • Learn what is good, fair, and bad vibration and how it affects equipment life
  • How to lower vibration and exponentially improve Bearing life (MTBF)
  • How to significantly improve and retain balance
  • How to improve upon “status-quo” alignment standards and achieve precision alignment
  • How to create smooth running belt drives
  • How to reduce energy consumption 5%, 10%, or more on most equipment
  • Learn common lubrication errors and how to avoid