How do I receive support if I encounter technical issues while using the Noria Academy app ?

Jan. 12, 2023

By: Editor

Modified: 07/27/23

Please review the most common technical issues with the Noria Academy:

  • Expired access – If the content is no longer available on your account, your free one-year access may be expired. The course will need to be purchased again and have access to the Academy reissued. Alternatively, a study pack containing a reduced feature set can be purchased at a lower cost.
  • Error messages – Please make sure you are connected to the internet or wi-fi. The app will not load correctly if the app is offline. If the messages persist even while connected to the internet, please contact us at with the exact error message so that we can further investigate the issue and provide a solution.
  • Outdated version – Please update your app to receive the latest features and patches.

If you continue to have trouble after basic troubleshooting, please contact

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