Machinery Lubrication India Now Available

Aug 18, 2012

By: Editor

Modified: 04/18/24

Machinery Lubrication IndiaFeaturing the same expertise that has made Machinery Lubrication the standard for lubricant professionals around the world, Machinery Lubrication India is now being offered for Indian readers. The new magazine will include articles from international experts as well as local content and news contributed by Indian authors from industry and academia.

Designed for lubrication professionals, manufacturers and research scientists, Machinery Lubrication India will provide Indian experts’ views, experiences and studies on subjects related to all aspects of machinery lubrication, from lubrication fundamentals and best practices for lubricant storage and handling to lubrication process development and lubricant analysis and interpretation.

Each issue of the magazine will cover in detail one industry sector, such as cement, power, steel, automotive, etc., with analysis of trends, systems, processes and procedures. The industry and product news section will include new industry entrants, expansions, mergers, acquisitions, promotions and hirings, as well as information about new product development and launches. Upcoming and recent events, trade shows, seminars, exhibitions and conferences in India and abroad will also be highlighted.

Serving as editor of Machinery Lubrication India will be Sudhir Singhal, who brings extensive experience in the field of petroleum products and has a number of publications to his credit. Singhal previously worked with the Indian Institute of Petroleum for nearly 40 years and has been a member of many international organizations including SAE and ASTM. He has published and presented more than 250 papers and prepared another 250 technical reports on research investigations.

For more information about Machinery Lubrication India or to begin a free subscription, visit the magazine’s website.