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Get operators trained on critical inspection tasks in 15 minutes with new Task-Based Training. Each training is crafted by Noria experts to deliver clear instructions for best practices along with field demonstrations. Get 90 days of access to Task-Based Training designed to help onboard new operators or align your teams to expert-backed best practices.
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Noria is committed to training professionals to significantly impact machine performance in their plants. That’s why we offer the industry’s only online machinery lubrication certification courses.


Effective Content

Noria’s Online Training library currently includes the following courses:

Level I

Provides the foundational skillset for applying best lubrication practices and product knowledge. Students learn how to move on from the “old school” methods of vague, non-specific lubrication procedures and implement an excellent lubrication program in any industrial workplace. Prepares students for level I machinery lubrication certification. More About This Course

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Level II

Professionals who already understand the benefits and potential in excellent lubrication practices will greatly benefit from the “big picture” aspect of this course; gaining the tools to make comprehensive improvements in the workplace that save time, money, and even storage space and training resources. Prepares students for level II machinery lubrication certification. More About This Course

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Machinery Lubrication

Solid competency related to lubricants and lubrication is vital to facilities around the world. Go beyond the traditional lubricant and lubrication subjects and undertake a holistic approach toward developing, implementing and managing a world-class lubrication program with the Machinery Lubrication Engineer (MLE)® course. More About This Course

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Level II

Maintenance professionals in Oil Analysis II will gain everything they need to properly sample, monitor health and detect additive, thermal and particle factors that degrade lubricants via on-site tests and lab analysis. They will review case studies, read and interpret oil analysis reports and participate in group problem-solving exercises. OA II aligns with ICML Machine Lubricant Analyst level II and Machinery Lubrication Engineer Certification requirements. More About This Course

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When implementing a lubrication program, it’s important to have as many people as possible understand the basics of lubricants, lubrication and contamination control. Having everyone on the same page is important to the success of a lubrication program. This course provides an overview of how lubricants work and many elements that are important to an effective lubrication program. Attendees will leave the training with an understanding of why lubricants should be cared for as an important asset and why lubricating machinery correctly is critical. Use this course as standardized training across your organization and for bringing new hires up-to-speed. More About This Course

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Food Processing

When it comes to food processing, effective lubrication is fundamental to reliable and efficient manufacturing. When the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) was enacted in 2011, manufacturers contributing to the creation of food, pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements were mandated to implement systems and controls that specifically address the hazards which impact the safety of the food supply. This new law puts the burden on the individual company’s CEO and board of directors to ensure that the food produced is safe. More About This Course

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“This is definitely the best online training course we have had our employees use for advancing our lubrication program. The course material is difficult enough for those employees who wish to challenge themselves and gain ICML certification, with a vast base of lubrication fundamentals and world-class practices.

The self-paced option allows employees to take the knowledge they learn in one sitting straight into the field and gain hands-on practical implementation.”

Colin Campbell – General Foreman

Online Course Benefits

Flexible Certification Preparation
Gain the right understanding and steps for excellent condition-based maintenance, prepare for a certification test and do it all on your own time – whenever it is best for you. Machinery Lubrication I and II will help you prepare for Level I or II Machine Lubrication Technician (MLT) and Machine Lubricant Analyst (MLA) certifications through the International Council for Machinery Lubrication (ICML).

Mobile Ready
Course content is viewable on your iPad or any mobile device, allowing for knowledge checks and review anywhere, anytime.

Use this training for onboarding new employees or to get your team up to speed quickly and in alignment with your company culture, skill requirements and performance expectations.

Log in anywhere, anytime on your customized schedule for one year. Play, pause, rewind and replay as often as needed. Learn while maintaining plant and operational schedules. ADA-compliant closed captioning is available.

Course Manual
You’ll be able to download the full-color course manual in PDF format, take your own notes in it during the presentation and save them for future reference. The manual chapters correspond to sections within the course, so you can also download it section by section as you progress.

Pre-/Post-assessment Quizzes for Machinery Lubrication I and II
Track your knowledge and understanding through each section with quizzes designed to show your progress and areas that may require further attention.

Pricing and Seat Licenses

Machinery Lubrication I and II
1 seat licence $1,495 each
6 seats or more  Contact us Today! 1-833-273-6518

Lubrication Awareness
1 seat licence $279 each
6 seats or more  Contact us Today! 1-833-273-6518

Food Processing Equipment Lubrication
1 seat licence $279 each
6 seats or more Contact us Today! 1-833-273-6518

* When you purchase an online training course, you are purchasing a 1-seat license. Only one person may view the training materials. The seat license is not based on concurrent connections. And, only 1 person will receive a certificate for the course upon completion. To learn more, please email us at training@noria.com or call 1-833-273-6518


“The training was great! It was very informative; I would like to do a refresher in the next upcoming year.”

DJ Jackson