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With an aging workforce, a shortage of skilled tradesman and increasing pressure to compete in a global economy, organizations are faced with a significant challenge to do more with less. Whether you are restructuring your lubrication tasks to your front line operators or renewing your commitment to equipment reliability, you need a partner to support your efforts.

Enterprise Online Learning

Bring online machinery lubrication and reliable skills training to your entire company. Noria can host the training content on your Learning Management System (LMS) or provide a private, customized learning portal for your team. Noria’s online learning solutions provide the following benefits:

  • Monitor learner progress
  • Train in small increments
  • Integrate with your current training and onboarding
  • Verify learner skills
  • Prepare learners for certification
  • Cut training delivery costs
  • Onboard new employees faster
  • Improve productivity and reduce expenses
  • Provide flexible workflows for internal and external learners

Flexible Deployment

Our modules are compliant with all training industry standards. We can successfully implement the following reporting formats: AICC, SCORM 1.2 and xAPI (Tin Can). If you don’t have a learning management system, ask us about a no-hassle, branded solution for your organization.

Effective Content

Noria’s eLearning content currently includes the following courses:

Provides the foundational skillset for applying best lubrication practices and product knowledge. Students learn how to move on from the “old school” methods of vague, non-specific lubrication procedures and implement an excellent lubrication program in any industrial workplace. Prepares students for level I machinery lubrication certification. More About This Course

Professionals who already understand the benefits and potential in excellent lubrication practices will greatly benefit from the “big picture” aspect of this course; gaining the tools to make comprehensive improvements in the workplace that save time, money, and even storage space and training resources. Prepares students for level II machinery lubrication certification. More About This Course

  • Introduction to Lubrication Fundamentals
  • How to Grease a Motor Bearing
  • Best Practices for Lubricant Storage and Handling

  • Best Practices for Oil Sampling
  • Lubrication Basics for Machinery Operators
  • How to Use a Grease Gun

More About These Videos

Custom Online Learning

Noria’s custom online learning solutions allow us to address your specific needs. Our team works closely with you to create a learning plan that meets your short and long-term goals.

Curriculum Licensing Solutions

Prefer to train your own team or integrate Noria content into your existing training programs? Would you like to utilize Noria content at your college or technical training center? Ask us about our curriculum licensing solutions and train-the-trainer options.

Global Solutions

If you are a global company, you need a global partner in lubrication education and program development. You understand the importance of standardizing training globally. You want a partner who is where your plants are. With locally operated partners in 22 countries, we can provide the training and standardization you need globally.

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