Noria is the world’s leading consulting company specializing in industrial lubrication, oil analysis and applied tribology.  Noria’s consulting and technical services are specifically oriented toward practical machine applications in fixed and mobile plants in such industries as power generation, petrochemical, pulp and paper, food processing, mining, primary metals, and transportation.  For more than 30 years, Noria consultants have been the principal architects in guiding the lubrication field in leading the modern reliability movement.

The consulting services offered by Noria are wide-ranging, relating to both problem-solving and helping user organizations make needed program changes aligned with the Optimum Reference State.  The Optimum Reference State is the prescribed state of machine configuration, operating condition and maintenance activities required to achieve and sustain specific reliability objectives. Typical applications of Noria’s services include:

    • Bearings (rolling element, journal, thrust)

    • Gearboxes and transmissions

    • Engines (diesel, gasoline, natural gas)

    • Turbines (gas, steam, hydro)

    • Hydraulic systems

    • Electric motors

    • Compressors (reciprocating, centrifugal, vane, screw)

    • Pumps (process and positive-displacement)

    • Chain drives

Our technical consultants have served as subject-matter experts on diverse projects for hundreds of clients including end users, OEMs, component suppliers, laboratories and law firms (expert witnessing).   Our core services programs and projects include:

Without question Noria is most well-known for its world-class Lubrication Program Development services.  These are engineered transformation programs that take companies from their current state in lubrication to the Optimum Reference State … a technical prerequisite to achieve Lubrication Excellence.

Lubrication-enabled reliability (LER) relates to all activities that improve reliability through tactical changes in the use and application of lubricants. LER offers specific benefits and opportunities that don’t exist with alternative reliability strategies.  LER is about reinventing how lubrication is done. This fact is learned from hundreds of published case studies on lubrication.   To facilitate our services, over the past 10 years Noria has invested millions of dollars in technology tools that enable companies to efficiently and comprehensively transform their lubrication program to the Optimum Reference State.