Lubrication Program Development

Identify, develop and implement strategic lubrication program improvements
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Failure Investigation Services

Identify the root cause of failures and help keep similar failures from occurring
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Workforce Solution Services

Leveraging Noria’s network of skilled professionals and training excellence to bring you the knowledge and expertise you need.
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Technical Consulting Services

Tap into our industry leading consultants, massive library and unparalleled market access
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Discover how we help companies enable reliability through better lubrication processes.



Accelerate from current state to an effective best practice lubrication program.



Procedures and tools for efficiency in lubrication and oil analysis.



Baseline current processes and scope opportunities for improvement.



Employ best practice processes, measure and continuously improve.

Lubrication-Enabled Reliability

Lubrication-enabled reliability relates to all activities that improve reliability through tactical changes in the use and application of lubricants. It offers specific benefits and opportunities that don’t exist with alternative reliability strategies.

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An Effective Oil Analysis Program Starts Here

Developing an effective oil analysis program requires careful planning. All too often when plant personnel decide to invest in oil analysis, they choose a lab and start sending samples without thinking about what they are trying to achieve.

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Enhance Reliability through Lubrication

If you carefully analyze the influence of lubrication on reliability and maintenance costs, you will notice a few consistent themes. Most importantly, it becomes evident what needs to be changed to substantially enhance reliability and reduce costs.