Learn Best-practice Techniques Without Leaving Your Facility

With this comprehensive series, you can quickly and easily provide fundamental and best-practice training for everyone in your facility or entire company. Noria’s Reliability Skills Training Series provides a cost-effective way to deliver online lessons in world-class lubrication training to help your facility rise to the top.

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Introduction to Lubrication Fundamentals

Presents a solid foundation of the basics of industrial lubricants and tribology, including oil and grease properties, additives, synthetics, mineral oils, lubricant oxidation and other important topics.

Best Practices for Oil Sampling

Shows you how to design and implement a world-class oil sampling program that will deliver better results and help you focus on improving equipment reliability.

Best Practices for Lubricant Storage and Handling

Provides procedures to apply right away. From delivery to dispensing to filling the machine, you will learn the best practices for new oil storage and handling.

Lubrication Basics for Machinery Operators

Offers basic lubrication training, including how to recognize the early signs of lubrication-related problems, grease gun basics and safety, checking oil levels, cleaning and inspecting machinery, oil leak inspections and more.

How to Grease a Motor Bearing

Gives plant personnel an overview of the best practices for lubricating electric motor bearings. Use this evergreen course to train operators, lubrication technicians, mechanics, electricians and maintenance personnel for years to come.

How to Use a Grease Gun

Delves into best practices for using a grease gun. Although it’s one of the most widely used tools for machinery lubrication, few are properly trained to use it. When used or loaded improperly, the grease gun becomes a safety risk to both the lubrication technician and machine.

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