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  1. Podcast: Designing for Reliability

    Listen to the podcast In this episode of Gear Talk, Wes is joined by Daniel Rader, Reliability Engineer at L3Harris Technologies, to discuss the proactive side of reliability and how we design reliability into our systems and into our machines. Watch the video View our YouTube channel

  2. Podcast: The Golden Age of Lubrication

    Listen to the podcast In this episode, Wes is joined by industrial lubrication visionary Jim Fitch. Jim is the founder of Noria Corporation and has been a thought leader for decades within the fields of machinery lubrication, oil analysis and reliability. Wes and Jim discuss the history behind the company, how Jim has watched the […]

  3. Podcast: Innovations in Lubrication

    Listen to the podcast In this inaugural episode of Gear Talk, Wes sits down with Noria’s Chief Strategy Officer Bennett Fitch. Bennett has extensive experience in industrial lubrication and oil analysis and as the son of Noria founder Jim Fitch, has been immersed in this culture from a young age. Wes and Bennett discuss what […]