Noria Workforce Solutions (NWS) goes beyond just matching a resume to a job description; we leverage our network and training excellence to bring you professionals just for your needs.


Expert Employees, Expert Consulting

For more than 17 years, Noria has been the leader in lubrication training and development of world-class lubrication reliability programs. As a trusted partner and source of expertise, Noria has an expansive network across multiple industries and is ideally positioned to provide you skilled workers to efficiently implement and maintain excellent lubrication practices.

When you have Noria Workforce Solutions, you get a Noria lubrication program, Noria lubrication technicians and Noria expert support.

This Results In…


  • Culture and Productivity
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
  • Equipment Availability
  • Equipment Reliability
  • Equipment Life

  • Operating Costs
  • Maintenance Costs
  • Spare Parts Costs
  • Energy Costs
  • Downtime
  • Waste

How It Works

The Assessment

NWS starts with Noria’s patented facility Benchmark Assessment. This is performed to establish the existing state of the client’s lubrication and use it as a reference point moving forward. This process assures that the customer, Noria Program Manager and incoming NWS personnel are able to develop a detailed master plan of the work to be done to maximize reliability through lubrication excellence.

Selection & Onboarding

Following the benchmark assessment and master plan, Noria trained and certified personnel arrive at your facility ready to work. A senior Noria Program Manager supervises the initial onsite onboarding, aids the lubrication program development, provides remote management and reporting, and visits periodically to ensure program success. At the end of the technician’s contract, you have the option to renew the contract or hire them long-term.

One Source, Many Solutions


Noria NWS is all-inclusive and competitive even compared to direct hiring

Lubrication Program Development Included

Assessing the current state of your lubrication program is essential to understanding and developing a plan to build a world-class program. Our NWS technicians are trained in Noria’s proprietary Lubrication Program Development (LPD) process, so they can perform the data collection in their daily rounds that is critical in engineering the program. This provides tremendous savings and is included in one simple hourly labor rate.

Expertly Trained to Your Needs

Noria lubrication technicians possess top-notch professionalism and skills relevant to your individual needs.

A Turnkey Solution

With NWS you can bypass the time-consuming, complicated task of recruitment and still gain a well-vetted, skilled professional who is ready to work at your facility the day they arrive.

Noria Supervision and Support

A dedicated Noria Program Manager will deliver monthly Key Performance Indicator reports and make periodic onsite supervision and coaching visits. Noria educational tools, knowledge warehouse and technical experts are available to your technician at all times.