In addition to Noria’s Failure Investigation and Lubrication Program Development (LPD) services, we offer a range of general consulting services related to machinery lubrication, oil analysis, tribology and contamination control. Some of these services are described below, however, if you are unable to find the service that meets your specific needs on our web site, please contact Noria and we would be happy to provide the information you need.

Lubricant Selection, Consolidation and Compatibility Studies

One of the most common consulting projects Noria receives relates to the optimum selection of lubricants for specific machine applications or a group of machines in a plant.  These include such lubricant applications used in motor bearing grease, hydraulic fluid, turbine oil, compressor lubricant, diesel engine lubricant, coupling grease and numerous others.

Many of these projects entail conducting comprehensive testing of candidate lubricants to assess such things as film strength, oxidation stability, corrosion suppression, water-handling ability, air-handling ability, thickening mechanical stability and many others.  Noria develops the required test slate, coordinates the laboratory work, interprets the data and presents the findings including a ranking of candidate lubricant performance.  More information on Noria’s laboratory testing services.

A common requirement with these types of projects is to assess compatibility of lubricants, i.e., the planned new lubricant with the current in-service lubricants (of a different type/supplier) during the switchover.  These compatibility studies follow standardized ASTM testing protocols.

Documentation Services: Best Practice Procedures, Lubricant Specifications and Lubrication Manuals

To ensure consistency, accuracy and general effectiveness, many industrial facilities are modernizing their lubrication and maintenance documentation.  Noria has developed hundreds of such procedures and guidelines in the past for wide-ranging applications and machine types. These documents bring lubrication programs to the state-of-the-art level based on Noria’s decades of experience and exposure to some of the best lubrication programs in the world.

Examples of Noria Document Services include:

    • Plant-wide lubrication manuals

    • Guidelines for storage of spare gearboxes

    • Bulk lubricant storage and handling guidelines

    • Oil analysis sampling procedures

    • Oil analysis data interpretation guides

    • Machine inspection PMs and procedures

    • Grease application and specification for electric motor bearings

Industry Trend Studies and Surveys

Noria has access to more than 40,000 industry professionals through our publishing division.  These individuals come from a wide range of industries including power generation, pulp and paper, food processing, petrochemical, mining, transportation and many others. Depending on the scope and objective of the study, we can survey select professionals based on industry demographics, industry, job title, etc.  These surveys can be extremely useful for new product development planning, market research, trend analysis and benchmarking.

Some example surveys we’ve performed in the past include:

    • Industry filtration practices

    • Multipurpose grease type and use

    • Preferred food-grade lubricant suppliers among users

    • Motor bearing lubrication practices

    • Onsite oil analysis program capabilities

Market Research and Strategy Development

Many companies have plans to roll out new products or are looking for more effective ways to build product awareness and application.  Because Noria experts have been deeply entrenched in the lubrication field for decades we can provide unique insight on product applications and market potential including product positioning, target application rankings, client profile development and channel strategy.

Noria can also provide services to:

    • Estimate market size

    • Assess industry trends

    • Analyze competitive environment

Library Search Services

Noria’s private technical library consists of more than 50,000 technical articles/papers and more than 1,500 books on topics related to lubrication, oil analysis, tribology, contamination control and machine reliability. Our researchers can quickly search and compile technical reference material for varying client needs.  Just forward us your literature research questions and we’ll let you know what material we have and provide a quote.