Headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia and covering Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Finland, Baltic States.

AA Inlube OU provides:

  • Machine/equipment reliability, lubrication and tribology related expertise;
  • Lubrication skills development – skills testing, training/workshops, efficient lubrication practices;
  • Consulting services – lubrication and maintenance management, contamination control, failure investigation;
  • Instruments and solutions for predictive maintenance.

Training is instructed in Russian currently. Working languages include Russian, English, Estonian, Finnish.


Arno Rõuk
Arno is the CEO and Chief Technical Officer and holds ICML Level I MLT certification. He has a magister degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Belorussian National Technical University.

AA Inlube OU
Tallinn,  Estonia
+3725056629 — Phone

Currently Available Training Courses

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