Onsite Training

Noria provides onsite training for employers wishing to avoid travel time/costs. This can include personalized training with examples from onsite equipment. Rotate groups of employees through consecutive one-day trainings or bring personnel from multiple plants to one onsite training – we are committed to providing options with the smallest impact on your production.
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Online Training

Providing everything from foundational skillsets for applying best lubrication practices and product knowledge to more advanced lubrication topics like lubricant selection, troubleshooting, predictive maintenance and more. These courses are always available and help prepare students for professional certification through the International Council for Machinery Lubrication.
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Enterprise Training

Bring online lubrication training to your entire enterprise through your own Learning Management System (LMS). If you don’t have an LMS, Noria can directly host the training content and provide a private, easy-to-use management portal for tracking learner progress.
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Lubrication Program

An assessment that is designed to compare current facility lubrication practices against best practice in order to design a roadmap to lubrication excellence that highlights opportunities for improvement. International users can self-administer benchmarks at multiple plants.
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International Partners

Noria Corporation is represented globally by licensed International Partners who offer Noria training and consulting services in multiple languages at Noria’s high standard of excellence.

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Become a Noria Partner

Noria Corporation is always looking for opportunities to work with individuals or companies that demonstrate the ability to successfully promote and implement Noria trainings, products and services around the world. Are you interested? Contact Us today!