Now Offering Remote Lubrication Services, including Assessments

Conducted via interviews, surveys and documentation, we focus on your whole lubrication program to provide a road map to a world-class solution.

Remote Assessment

Noria’s Ascend™ Assessment is a service designed to compare current facility lubrication practices against best practice. The purpose is to design a roadmap to lubrication excellence by highlighting opportunities for improvement based on both observation of current practice and perceived opportunities.

The 500-point assessment survey provides improvement objectives and recommendations for 40 key elements of a lubrication program. The execution of the Ascend™ Assessment is typically carried out over three consecutive days.

Now you can self-administer* assessments at multiple plants using Noria’s Lubrication Ascend™ Self-Assessment tool. After initial assessments are made, you can track the progress of lubrication program improvements at each one of your plants through the aid of Noria’s customized dashboard feature.

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*Currently International Only


The Ascend™ Assessment report provides:

  • Executive Summary
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Overall Compliance Level
  • Assessment of 40 Elements. Each includes:
    • Current Maturity Grade
    • Current Best Practices
    • Improvement Recommendations
    • Metrics and KPI Recommendations
    • Periodic Review and Audit Recommendations
    • Priority Next Steps
    • Cost Benefit Analysis