Our Courses, Your System

Noria Course Licensing Lets You Deliver Noria training on Your LMS or Enterprise Software System

Every company’s training needs are different, so in addition to creating comprehensive training solutions, Noria also gives you flexible delivery and pricing options to fit any environment or budget. Convenient course licensing options let you play our high-quality courses on your Learning Management System (LMS) or enterprise software system.

All Noria courses are SCORM compliant and run on leading eLearning platforms. Whether you want to offer training for one facility or across your entire enterprise, we have a solution.

To learn more, please email us at sales@noria.com or call 800-597-5460 or 918-749-1400.

Enterprise Server Version FAQ

What does SCORM Compliant mean?
SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) is a collection of standards and specification for web-based e-learning. Many organizations use SCORM certified Learning Management Systems (LMS) for managing their computer-based employee training. Noria’s courses are SCORM compliant, meaning they will integrate seamlessly with any SCORM certified LMS.

What version of SCORM are the courses?
The courses are available in SCORM 2004 or SCORM 1.2.

Are the courses available in AICC format?
Yes. The courses can be delivered in the Aviation Computer-Based Training Committee (AICC) format.

How are the courses delivered after purchasing?
The courses can be delivered on CD-ROM, DVD or you may download them in ZIP format.