Predicting Machine Failure with Oil Analysis

Oil analysis is a powerful predictive tool and is invaluable for maximizing machinery life catching problems before they become catastrophic. Learn more about using oil analysis for predicting machine failure in this video by Noria’s Wes Cash.

Why Particle Counters Make Lubrication Programs More Effective

Particle counters can provide valuable insight into the health of industrial machinery. In this video, Noria’s Wes Cash explains the many uses of particle counters for monitoring oil and fluids onsite.

Advice for Quality Oil Sampling

Pulling a quality, representative oil sample is the first step for an effective oil analysis program. In this video, Noria’s Bennett Fitch explains measures you should take to draw a proper oil sample.

Eliminating Lubricant Cross-Contamination

Cross-contamination of lubricants can wreak havoc on industrial machinery. In this video, Noria’s Rick James provides tips on how to avoid cross-contamination of lubricants in an industrial facility.

How to Improve Desiccant Breather Life

Are you experiencing short breather life? In this video Noria’s Wes Cash explains simple techniques to get longer life from your desiccant breathers.

When Does Synthetic Oil Make Sense?

Lubrication expert Wes Cash has some great advice for understanding when to convert to from a mineral oil to a synthetic oil.

How to Store Oil Drums

Noria expert Wes Cash introduces proper oil drum storage techniques. This and many other topics are covered in depth in Noria’s education and training materials.